Five things which set us apart:

  • Community​: Alpen works with the 'HomeTown Hero Project' and other veteran hiring and support groups including Marine for Life, Citizen Soldier, and American Jobs Center.. Alpen and its members also make it a point to give back to the local community. You'll find our owner, Ben, working at community dinners to feed the homeless, fundraisers in support of local causes and more often than not, pulling over to help people with car troubles or to tow a car out of the road after an accident.
  • Quality​: Alpen and its workers hold quality as a standard and not a goal. With quality materials, professional equipment, hard work and experienced staff we provide an outstanding and reliable service.
  • Value​: Alpen provides a high quality and reliable service along with a positive experience and honest process at an appropriate price. The result is a product worth more than the cost, with less stress and a feeling that you made the right choice.
  • Service​, ​Trust & Reputation​: No business is perfect and we do not seek to be seen as flawless, instead we ask our customers to be honest and transparent with their experience. If for any reason a customer is upset we would like the opportunity to remedy the situation and turn a disgruntled customer into a happy customer who will call us back. As a new business there is nothing more important than reputation and we do everything we can to make people happy. We may not be the fastest to send the email or answer the phone but our founder has been known to work outside until midnight while wearing loafers and a dress shirt to get the job done. Dedication like that is rare.
  • Customer Experience​: Each client is different and therefore so is their experience but we can say with confidence that we do our best to be personable, polite, professional and honest. For some clients the perfect experience is a quick and high quality service and for others they like us so much that we become family friends.

"We were very impressed by what his company had to offer and his bid for the project... Brad, the lead painter, ensured that the painting was done professionally, and the crew did a quality job..." Marco D. (Exterior Painting)